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So where did the idea for the shop come from?

I was constantly liking, bookmarking, posting and pinning inspirational, motivational, powerful and fun quotes. I would have a couple in my room, maybe in my agenda, or one in a frame. But that was it. 

At the same time, all of the graphic tees I saw had "pizza is bae" and "tacos are life" on them. Now, I may agree with that, but I'm not exactly wearing those tees into the office or to a conference. 

So, I decided to make my own shop. Full of apparel, accessories and more of the quotes that inspired. That motivated. That created happiness and laughter. Ones that reminded us (and everyone) that we are powerful, badass babes.


Why the name?

The irony. Why not use a sexual innuendo posed to women to represent 'what she said' in a new light. To represent power and inspiration, confidence and sass, ambition and accomplishments. Hell yeah, that's what she said.

(...and maybe it's a bit of a homage to my favorite show, The Office, too. :) 


Want to see a quote on a different item or color?

From onesies, to canvases, hats, tanks, sweatshirts and more. Let us know! I'm happy to make additions to the shop without any extra charge! Email info@thatswhatshesaidshop.com


Have an idea for the shop? Quote you love? Please share and let me know! I'm always looking for customer feedback and more ideas!

Send your idea to email info@thatswhatshesaidshop.com


Fun Fact...Our logo is featured on the back of every item. Because... that's what she said, after all :)